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Bump across this awesome Kagerou Project piano medley.

Order of songs:

  1. Kagerou Daze/Days (Heat-Haze Daze/Days)
  2. Children Record
  3. Jinzou Enemy (Artificial Enemy)
  4. Mekakushi Code (Blindfold Code)
  5. Headphone Actor
  6. Souzou/Kuusou Forest (Imagination Forest)
  7. Konoha Sekai no Jijou (Konoha’s State of the World)
  8. Kisaragi Attention
  9. Otsukimi Recital (Moon-Viewing Recital)
  10. Yobanashi Deceive (Night Tales Deceive)
  11. Lost Time Memory
  12. Ayano no Koufuku Riron (Ayano’s Theory of Happiness)
  13. Yuukei Yesterday (Sunset Yesterday)
  14. Outer Science
  15. Summertime Record

Bonus at the end:

16. Daze (Mekakucity Actors OP)
Mun & Muse: A Comparison by Me

✚ M U N  |  I N F O R M A T I O N  

Name: Jackie
Nicknames: Astrid, Kouhai, Bosom, Uke—buddeh, Danchou.

Wishlist Nickname: /shrug
Birthday: May 5th
Height: 5’6”
Eye Color:  Hazelly Orangi-ish

Hair Color: Orange

Ethnicity:  Americano

Lives on: Pluto

Relationship Status: Surprisingly taken. . foreveriwillcare

Character(s) Most Identifies with: A lot of Kido, a tiny amount of Kano. . eh, a lot of the Dan ( minus the energetic and hyper ones ) and some book characters.

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, roleplaying, procrastinating, lacrosse

Special talent(s): Uh. . I want to say I’m good at writing and drawing, but that would be lying.
Warning/disclaimer: I am socially awkward. . shy and really prefers to be isolated.

Struggling With: Self-Esteem issues, procrastinating, anxiousness, worrying, paranoia, self-doubt, self-consciousness, school, sports, insecurity, insomnia, bad imune system, making friends, losing friends, being social.


M U S E  |  I N F O R M A T I O N

Name: Kido Tsubomi
Nicknames:  “O-Kido-Ki, Danchou-san, Tsunbomi, and whatever else the BaKano calls me.”
Wishlist Nickname: “I’d prefer no nicknames, thank you very much.”
Birthday: January 2nd 
Height: 5’6”
Eye Color: Dark grey / Crimson
Hair Color: Olive
Ethnicity: Japanese
Lives in: Dan apartment complex
Relationship Status: “Eh. . it’s complicated.”
Classification: Human
Special talent(s): Disappearing, fighting, being a Tsundere—
Warning/disclaimer: ”Unless you care about me disappearing and reappearing around you, then you shouldn’t need this.”

Struggling With: Trust in others

In conclusion: Same | C L O S E  A S  H E C K | Almost | Ehh...? | Not Really | Nope| /shrug

{ ooc: o-o h my.. . s enp ai no t iced m-m e. .. }

11. My Muse is Sleeping Naked

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. .everyone just has those days. Those days where the littlest details slip their mind, ending up to be a rather bad situation when it all came down to it—

But, yes. Everyone has those kinds of days.

Today? Today was Kido’s day.

All she had done was soothe her convulsing nerves with the relaxing warmth of a bath, the water’s warmth caressing her insides to send her into an utter bliss even if she understood very well that it would not last. All she needed was to take in the aroma of the lavender bath soap she used, close her eyes, and drift into the darkness that held her very thoughts and sanity.

Only then, would she be at peace. . but perhaps a bit too much at peace.

Melting into the warmth of the bath, the olive locks that adorned the crown of her head flowing around her like the snakes that represented her so well. The ones that kept her alive. The ones that caused her to disappear from existence.

As the radiating steam nipped upon her skin, the ebony color slowly began to gain a hint of scarlet, the heat causing her body to warm and perspire which, of course, was not a desired outcome. This had been to bathe and relax. . not sweat and feel overheated.

"Nnnngh. ." the olivette groaned, groggily standing from the water before snatching a towel from the glistening silver rack, drying herself off in jagged motions and uncoordinated swipes. Considering her body had relaxed like it did, it wasn’t like she didn’t expect to be this tired.

Disregarding her own morals, Kido staggered her way out of the bathroom — bare, may I add — and collapsed onto the mattress within her room, hair spewing out in different directions as before.

Now, remember when the fact of ‘Forgetting Little Details’ was mentioned? Well. . here it is. With her door unlocked, body thrown onto her bed, Kido had fallen asleed. . naked. 

Today, was definetly Kido’s day.

Your muse breaks into my muses room, what do they find?


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awwwe kanooo you’re soo sweet  but kido won’t like it if you used you’re own death to flirt her